6 Tricks to remove Cat and Superficial Scratches from your Wood Furniture

Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to solve the ancient problem of… “how to remove scratches from wooden surfaces”

Cats – the cuteness in person

They are probably the most innocent creatures of the planet earth.

And probably the #1 reason why your table is scratched right now.

In this article you’re going to be satisfied with our tricks of getting scratches out from the wooden surfaces.

Also if you want to stop your cat from destroying your house, please check out this article.



As we know cat’s scratches are pretty superficial.

Aren’t so deeper inside the wood but are still visible.

This kind of scratches are easily to fix. You don’t need to throw away a hole the piece of furniture just because of a little imperfection.



The types of wood furniture color

There are two types of colors that wood can have.

Light Wooden colors and Black Wooden colors.


Tips&Tricks That Works Great For all kind of Colors

Walnut meat

The oil insides the nut will help your wooden surface to recover from superficial scratches.

You can use Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts.

Use a piece of nut from the shell and rub it diagonally into the scratch.

Rub the area with your thumb finger to warm the area.

Wait a few minutes so the oil can do it’s job.

Finally buff the area using a clean cloth.



Black Tea

You can remove scratches from wooden surfaces using Black Tea.

Put a black tea bag in a mug and drop a little bit of hot water.

The longer you let the tea to sit there, the darker the color will be.

Use the time to determine the right color that matches with your wooden surface.

Dab the tea onto the scratch and clean the excess of tea around the scratch, using a clean cloth.

If the color of the wood is a Black-Wooden-Dark, you may have to repeat the process several times.



Cover the scratch

You can cover the scratch using a wood-wax-stick that matches with the color of your wood. Additionally you can use a marker too.

Here is a great video that teaches you step by step, how this technique works.

Also you can cover it with watercolor paint that matches with your wood color.


Tips&Tricks That Works ONLY for Black Wooden colors



Use a clean cotton cloth to apply the iodine on the scratch.

After you’ve done the job clean the excess around the scratch.

Again: Make sure your wooden surface have a Black-Wooden color,otherwise you may end up destroying the surface !


Instant Coffee

Make a past from water and instant coffee and cover the scratch.

Remove the excess of coffee around the scratch.




You can use Old English Scratch to remove the superficial scratch!!!

This is actually one of the best substances that actually remove scratches from wooden furniture.

Depending on your color type of your wood, choose between Old English Scratch for

Dark Woods or Light Woods.



Article Source:

Get Scratches Out of Wood | Practical DIY Advice

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