Best Cat Toys – How To Find What Your Cat Really Needs

Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to find “The best Cat Toys”

Felines… The most lethal predators on planet earth…

The definition of terror in flash and bones.

They are expert hunters … killing for centuries…

But the question is…

“What are the best cat toys for my kitty – the definition of cuteness in person ?”


To answer this question you must understand the mindset…


Cats are predators.

They love to hunt, is in their blood.

For cats, playing with toys is a form of hunting.

The toys are the preys.. And the way the toys moves is the hunting itself..


There are two types of hunters in the cat world:

1.On Ground Hunters

2.On Air Hunters.



And in the play section – the hunting – are two types:

One that involves just the cat.

One that involves the cat and YOU.



Playing with your cat and having toys for your cat is a very important factor in the cat-human relationship.


  • The act of playing with your cat itself builds up trust ! Your cat will trust you more if you do physical activities with her!
  • Is healthy for your cat. The Feline in the wild, is always using his body – Protecting the territory and hunting. Your cat is a flat cat what means that she stays in house 24/7 She must play to be healthy.
  • It will avoid attacking and scratching other objects around house. Your cat often finds something that looks like a prey.. and that thing may be your furniture.
  • Prevent scratching you – the owner. – Cats often find your feet to be a great rat. So in order to stop her attacking your legs, you must offer something else.




The Report

In order to buy the best toy for your cat you must build a report based of the toys and games your cats get involved with.

What I mean by this?


To be able to buy the best toys for your cat , you must know your cat.

And to know your cat, you must try some toys.


So is a matter of testing to find out what your cat loves !

Why’s that ? Because any cat personality is different.

Today we are going to present what you must look for, in order to build your report, and finally to find out THE BEST TOY FOR YOUR CAT.



Before we begin…

You don’t need like 10,000 different toys for your cat.

Yes, you do must have some diversity but not wasted money!

Having 20 different toys is the average..

Now, don’t let your cat play with all the toys at the same time.

Bring him like 5 different toys this week, and next week another 5.

And you are going to rotate them !

By the time, you can test new toysAnd you will, to find out what type of hunter your cat is, and his preferences.



Now , let’s go back on building the report.

Here are what you must look for when your cat is playing with the toys:

1.What dimensions, shapes, colors, material your cat prefers.

2.What types of movements your cat loves the most.


1.What dimensions, shapes, colors, material your cat prefers.


Based on your cat personality.. he may love more or less a certain color, shape, or function of a toy.


  • Pay attention to the dimensions – Some cats may inhale or eat the toy if is too small. Other cats may don’t like the toy if is too big . Because it may looks as a rival, not as a prey.
  • Pay attention to the colors – What color your cat likes the most on a certain type of toy.. like a toy in a shape of mice.
  • Pay attention to the shapesDoes she like balls or something fluffy to scratch?
  • Pay attention to the texture-material – Some cats likes more hard materials, others more soft. Some cats may like wrinkly texture, others more delicate ones…
  • Some cats may find interest in a material like plastic ( for the balls for example ) others may like something fluffy to scratch.

Also all of these can change in time ! Your cat is getting older and older, and her preferences are changing too! A cat that in her early days was a super cat, flying in the air, having agility, now can be old.. and move a lot less.. She might prefer something like a simple mice.


2.What types of movements your cat loves the most.

During the play session look at what are her favorite movements.

Is the time to find out what type of cat do you have.


On-Ground Predator or On-Air Hunter.

A good way to find out is using fishing post toys..This toys have a stick, a string and something like a mouse attached at the end.

If your cat is interested in this he may be an On-Air-Hunter.

If she’s not, it could mean that the cat simply doesn’t like the toy… not because she’s not an on-air-hunter.


So you have to test different toys which have this “fishing post” style…


If you have an obese cat, usually she is an on-ground hunter.

Because such cats know they can’t do high jumps to catch the preys – the toys.


Some cats might be a combination of both types of hunters…


All is a matter of testing.

Also, don’t use just fishing posts..

Use regular toys too ! This is a great way to find out the true !

Move the toys vertically and horizontally and in differences positions to see your cat reaction.


But again, movement is hand in hand with the shape, color, texture of the toy.

If the cat doesn’t like a certain move, it could be because of the toy.



When you are looking for the toys to buy, keep in mind our advice:


-Toy safety

Does the toy have little parts that your cat can eat them or inhale ?

If so, try to remove these parts. Especially if the toy falls in the big category of “toys that involves just the cat”. You can’t pay attention to your cat 24/7.


Even if is a toy that involves the human to supervise, better remove the parts that can scratch your cat or can be eaten during the playing process.


If you are concerned about a toy safety – DON’T BUY IT or THROW it to the trash.



-The toy satisfy the cat

Is a toy that involves just the human?

Is the toy for on-ground or on-air hunters?

Does the toy pass the test of your cat preference?



Treat Toys.

Some cats love toys that drops treats. For example that balls that have a little hole in it and when the cat moves around it’ll drop some food.


Sound toys.

Your cat may like it or dislike it.

Some sounds may disturb your cat and make her feel uncomfortable.

The best toy sounds that works well for all types of cats are squeaks and ultrasonic.

These sounds reveal how the preys sounds in nature.



-What you should avoid


Avoid playing too much with your cat using a pen laser.


First , your cat hunts based on their touch and scratch.

The reason why your cat loves the red dot is because she wants to scratch it.

And because she can’t physically catch it, it makes her willing more and more to hunt the dot !!! In time, the cat will lose interest for the classic toys . Remember predator loves moving targets !

Secondly it affect their eyes!

You don’t have to put the red dot right in their iris to get your cat eye problems.

The raise of light from the laser can reflect in the cat’s eyes.


Yarn Balls

This provide a lot of fun your cat. But in the same time can hurt her very bad.

These types of toys and games, doesn’t have to involve humans to play with.

But does have to involve humans to supervise the cats during their play.

Your cat can eat it or get suffocated.

Better to avoid this type of toy.



You don’t need to buy the toys.

You can make them at home.

It could be some roles, balls made from crap or a simple string with a piece of material at the end of it..

Also a cat can find interest in scratching an old shoe or an old teddy bear.


ALL is a matter of testing – You have to find out what you cat likes.

And in the process you are OBLIGATE TO HAVE FUN.

Your cat is the cuteness in person and every cat loves to play.




Look at the product reviews


As humans, we found more easy shopping online for our goods than actually going to the physical store.

But before you buy anything for your kitty…

Look online for the product’s reviews !

You don’t have to waste 200 bucks on a low quality toy.. but also you don’t want to waste such money if there’s something cheaper that can provide the same results .

Do the research.

Just type in the google “review cat toy superkittyballs” and you’ll find a lot of pro and cons about “superkittyballs” from other people.



ON-GROUND-HUNTERS loves to search for their preys.

Put some toys behind other object, inside some boxes or under a piece of clothing.


TIMID CATS often hides from people or from anything that moves in general.

Put some boxes in different places of the house and then put some toys around these boxes. During the play sessions with your cat, she will find refuge in the boxes, and by the time, she’ll get more confidence ..Play with your timid cat, and you’ll see improvements. Leave the toys nearby the boxes.



And this is it cat fans.


Your cat is a predator, and she loves to scratch and to make fun from the preys she killed !!!

Shortly, your cat is the CUTENESS IN PERSON !


Meow us !
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