How to use our guide of cats! Instructions

Welcome !

We are so happy to see you here!

You’re probably a cat owner !

Or maybe just a cat lover..


Guess what…


We love cats too !

Cats are definitely the most cute creatures from the entire universe.

They shower more often than we wash our hands.

They scratch more furniture than we can buy…

And they use more energy in all their 12 years of leaving than we use in our 85.


Cats are also the descendants of most terrifying and blood-drinking creatures ever lived. Creatures that have hunt in their blood and make fun from the poor deadly preys they’ve killed…


But the good thing is..

Kitty makes fun just from our furniture.

And from us, when we left the dinner table lonely with her…




What about This Website – The box of cats, Kitty-Scratch?

Kitty Scratch is about cats and how you can be a better cat owner.

Here you are going to find almost everything you have to know about your cat.

From how to stop your cat from sleeping in her litter box to what toys you should buy her.

All the information comes in Nutshell

It doesn’t contain long intros or funky words.

The website is structured so you can get the information directly to the point.

The mindset –> What to do –> The reason to do so –> Other information related to the topic.

It Is like a Menu, but for cats.




As you observed, our website is divided in sections.

Home, Blog, YOU & CAT, How to stop /Why does my cat, First cat aid, Repair the…

Here’s a picture of our menu, divided again but in two parts. Green-Red


guides for cats How to use our guide of cats! Instructions
How to use our guide of cats! Instructions



Green – Home and Blog

These are the two things on our website that are going to be updated often.

On our homepage, you’ll see what’s new, the latest updates and what our site can offer you


On the Blog you are going to discover a lot of tricks and article about cats and how you can be a better owner – like this one. This is the instruction of using our website so you can handle it faster.

And the most important, you are going to share with us your question about your cat.

Join our community and discover how to become the best cat owner!



Red – You&Cat, How to stop /Why does my cat, First cat aid, Repair the…

This section is the BASE of the best cat owner! Tips, tricks and answers for your cat.

for example…


You&Cat is teaches you about

  • how to buy the best cat toy for your cat.
  • what you should give your cat to eat
  • how to create a strong relationship between you and your cat


How to stop /Why does my cat,

As you already noticed, is about stopping your cat from an unpleasant actions such as scratching the furniture. Also offer answers to the most frequency cat owner questions – Like why my cat is avoiding the litter box?


First Cat Aid – IMPORTANT :

You must read the resources this article offers to you. Learn them and put the First Cat Aid Kit on your fridge.

In case your cat has an injury, you will know how to deal with it.

The resource teaches you how to deal and treat the most common cat injuries that can happen!


Repair the… :

You don’t have to throw your kitty in the street just because she scratched a piece of furniture. Learn how to repair your goods.

(We didn’t joke with the part of throwing your cat. A lot of cats are homeless because of their owners who got annoyed because of cats scratches)



But.. what if I’m a not a cat owner?

First of all. Whaaaa? What is wrong with you ?!

Secondly. Adopt a cat ! By following our instructions step by step, you will know what you have to do. You will become the best cat owner in the entire world !

Having a cat remove stress and is making your day.



Furthermore – Cat them all.

We plan to expend our box on youtube, instagram and facebook !

So if you want to see funny videos about others crazy cat, please stay around us !


Subscribe to our little pop-up and you’ll get notified when we post something on our website and we will send you time to time, secrets and crazy facts about cats !


Here’s one for you !

Some cats have thumbs !

Here you can read more about this topic


Till next time, see you around our box of cats.

MEOW us to your friends !!!


Meow us !

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Why does cats like boxes?


because they are cute


Nice site ady kitty! thx 4 great content

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