Discover how to Cat Proof the Christmas Tree: The Ultimate Guide

Learn How to cat proof your Christmas tree with our incredible step by step guide.


Would you like to live your holidays without caring about the cat demolishing your house?


The Christmas is almost here !!!

Imagine the atmosphere, the gold decorations, the colors of the lights and the smell that comes from the grandma’s kitchen…

You are landing on the coach with a satisfied happy smile, feeling good that outside is cold and inside is warm…


When suddenly…


Your cat teleports from nowhere and jumps on the Christmas tree, demolishing it.

How horrible and angry you feel now, after you thought you’ve done all the work around the house.


You don’t want to repeat the same experience this year.


Here’s a big fact about the Cat – Christmas tree relationship.


For a cat, the Christmas tree is exactly like a amusement park !

-Your cat can go through it or hide inside it.

-It has like 10,000 toys special made for her. Bright colors, spheric shapes, strings..

-It has a ton of lasers – the lights ! A cat gets engaged with only one laser ! But when you have 200, the cat goes crazy like a child in a toy-store !


DISCOVER now How to Cat Proof Your Christmas tree:
-The new Brand Half A Tree
-How to cat-prepare any kind of tree.
-What you should avoid


How Half a Tree can save a hole Christmas ?


Simple – All starts with the cat’s behavior !

The cat starts climbing the tree with the branches from the base of the tree.

If the tree doesn’t have branches at the base,

The cat can’t climb it !


This is a brilliant idea !

It is probably the most simple and cheapest solution for cat proofing your tree !


The cat will not find any interest in a simple stick. Or at least less interest than in a whole amusement park.



Does it look great?

Yes it does ! I think this model of Christmas tree looks even better than the regular ones , it looks more natural ! In the nature, trees have pretty high trunks. But the ones that people are using as Christmas trees have no trunk, or a very short one.

“Half A Tree” has one half of the tree with branches and the other one uncovered to show the trunk !


Take a look:

Half a Christmas Tree Looks Natural !
Left: Natural Tree / Right: Artificial Half A Tree


This idea isn’t actually new… But most of the people didn’t hear about it till now.

Also this Christmas tree model isn’t a great deal just for cats.

It’s Incredible for small children who are curious about surrounding.


Artificial Half a Christmas Trees


You can purchase Half a Christmas Trees now from Argos.

Argos offers two versions : Simple-Green Tree or Snowy Tree


I like the Snowy Tree more.

It looks way more natural, great and stable than the simple green one.


cat proofing christmas tree
Argos Half A Christmas Tree : Snowy vs Green


You can buy online or by visiting Argos shops . (note this article doesn’t have any affiliate link or program)

Problem: This product is only available in UK. This is a brand new idea. Just Argos sells these Christmas Trees model and they ship only in United Kingdom.

Maybe in the near future we’ll have more companies producing these half a trees.



Natural Half a Christmas Tree


You can buy a simple natural tree and then just cut half of the branches !

For a nice Half A Christmas Tree, look for trees that have more branches at the top !



Cat-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

If you want to opt in for the classic whole Christmas tree, read on our tips and tricks.

Also this guide works great for the Brand-New-Half-a-Tree as well !



1.Location Location Location

You should put the tree in an open area. Have space between the tree and other furniture. You don’t want your cat jumping from the desk and knocking down the tree.

The best option is a corner.

If the tree falls, this will help you clean the mass much much faster and easier.


Pro Tip:

If you are willing to drill some holes in the wall you can fix the Christmas tree with some nails and fishing line. This it will make difficult for your cat to knock the tree down.



2.The Best size and type

If you can, choose a small tree. It will reduce the area where your cat can get in trouble.

Also if the tree falls, it’ll cause less cleaning.


Artificial Trees are better for cats!

-Cats find less interest in an artificial tree than in a real one.

-Natural Trees have sharp needless which can harm the skin of the little cat.

-Pine needles  themselves contain toxic substances which can harm the cat if she chew them.



3.The Base Of the Tree

You must have a stable base for your tree.

Even more if you have a natural one.

If you have a live tree, cover the water reservoir.

The water contains substances (like sap) which are toxic for cats.

Also people dissolve aspirin in the water to keep the tree fresh. Aspirin is highly toxic for cats.



4.Keep the cat Away

Before you start decorating, spray some bitter apple anti-chew product on the tree.

This will prevent the cat from chewing the branches.


If you have a live tree, cover the water reservoir with double tape! (Cats doesn’t like to get in touch with tape )

Make sure you let a hole so you can wet the tree.

Also you can put tape around the trunk and tree too !



5.Let the cat to accommodate

Before you put anything on the tree, let the cat to process the changes in her environment. Also try training your cat. If she climb the tree, take it down. Do this several times till she seems to find no interest ( or less interest ) in the Christmas tree.

Do not spray the cat with water and do not scream at her ! She doesn’t understand why she is punished. The only thing she do understand is the fact that you are trying to hurt her.



6.Decorating the tree

how to cat proof christmas tree

After the cat leaves the room, close the door.

You don’t want the cat being around while you are decorating.


Tie your ornaments up near the tree. Anything that hangs helps the cat to get much easier in and out of the tree.

Try to opt in for non-shiny decorations.



Ornaments in general

Put any fragile ornaments to the top of the tree ! This reduces the chance your cat will get to knock the decorations down. If you can, don’t put any decorations near the base of the tree.

cat proof tree
Safe Zone Decorations

If you are concerned about any decoration which your cat might find interest to chew, apply a layer of anti-chew cream or spray.


Avoid food decorations. It only makes the tree more irresistible for your cat.



PRO TIP: If you have a hyper active cat who loves to jump and fly around the house, use paper and plat ornaments. These items aren’t as appealing for cats.

Opt in for plastic instead of glass.




Avoid Tinsel. The cat may get intestinal blockage if she eats it.

If you want to keep the tinsel, at least spray some bitter apple anti-chewing on it.




Obligatory apply an anti-chewing cream on the tree lights !

You don’t want your kitty to get shocked. Also don’t forget to put the lights up to the top along with the tinsel and Christmas balls.


Try using steady lights. Cats find less interest in steady lights than twinkle ones.


Regularly Check:

-any exposed electrical cord for signs of teeth marks.

-If the cat has signs of burns on her mouth or fur.


If you see anything that doesn’t seems right and you are concerned about your cat’s health, call the vet.



What decoration you should avoid:

-Tinsel – Can cause intestinal blockage and asphyxia if the cat swallows it.

-Candles – The cat can start a fire.

-Food – It makes the cat willing more to get into the tree.

Important : DO NOT USE CHOCOLATE as ornaments ! Chocolate is toxic for cats and

they are often tempted to eat it.



What Christmas Flowers you should avoid:

toxic christmas plants for pets

Most people decorate their houses with plants that are toxic for their cats.

Here’s some examples :




-Christmas Rose






And here is a huge list of toxic plants for cats. 417 plants to be more specific…

Try to remove these plants from your house or at least hang them on the ceiling.



Play with your cat

As the Christmas tree is a theme park for cats, you must keep your kitty occupied.

(or at least try)

Play with your cat often so in time she will find less interest in the decorated Christmas tree.

Important: Do a play session with your cat every time before you go to bed. This will discourage the cat from playing with the tree during night. Eventually she will not even wake up.





It is a very long list… even longer than your “List of Wish”.

I believe that the best option is the Half a Christmas Tree.

It keeps you away from a looot  of work.


Here are two great tips videos from Jackson Galaxy – The Daddy;


I wish you an incredible Christmas and a happy New Year with your cat!


How to prepare your house for holidays

How to deal with your cat when you have guests


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Article Sources:

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Photo: Cats protecting the Half a Christmas Tree

Meow us !

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