Cats behaviors – Discover your cat’s needs !

Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to discover the “cats behaviors”


Cats – The most cute creatures from the universe.
We feel so satisfied when we see our cats stuck in a pizza box, running backwards in the house and meowing for help.


Cats Behaviors - Discover your cat's needs !


Or the moment when they wakes us up by scratching our belly, looking so innocent like they would want to say ” What. I’m not doing anything wrong ! Why are you looking at me like that? ”


Or when they try to bypass the corner by running and they skid like a car. Isn’t that the most cute thing you ever saw?


But… there is a black side of the cat…

Cats Behaviors - Discover your cat


The side that everyone hates it.. the side that tells the cat to act crazy, to scratch the curtains, to eat our food when we don’t look, to poop on our furniture, and to attack our ankles by ambushing us from nowhere.
These are the most common cat behaviors.
Everyone knows them, whatever you are a cat owner or not.


Today’s questions are…
How can I stop my cat from doing a certain behavior ?
Why does my cat love to do a certain behavior ?
How can I train my cat?
To find out the answers for these question (which don’t let you sleep at night),
You must understand what we call “the mindset”. This involves your mindset and the cat’s one!


A cat has his own personality.
Her personality is based on her behaviors, her thoughts and her temper.
When you deal with cats is like you deal with people.
They have their own opinions about anything.
You can’t deal with a cat as you deal with a dog.
The dog is: the best man who is able to be trained and to become a soldier.
This means you can’t train your cat by threatening her.
Let’s say for example that your cat has the bad habit of walking on your kitchen table.
You can treat your cat by scramming at her, hitting her with the newspaper or by spraying water on her face.
And next time when you walk in the kitchen you wont see your kitty dancing on the table.


Yay ! The punishment method works !
But, ask yourself .
Does it works indeed ?
The answer is NO!
Your cat will still walking on the table when you are absent !
The only thing she understood is the fact you become crazy when you see her on the table! She stops walking on the table, just when you are around her!
Punishing the cat doesn’t solve the problem at all.



When your cat does a thing that you don’t like, ask yourself.
“Why does my cat is doing this?”


There are two reasons why cats do things that people don’t like.
  1. The cat doesn’t have what she need and she is trying to find it.
  2. The cat wants to get your attention.
Does your cat has what she need?


Cat Behaviors - Discover your cat needs


Think about it.


The reason why your cat wals on the kitchen furniture is because she wants a high place to sit so she can watch you preparing the dinner.
The reason why she is scratching the coach is because she needs to scratch and she doesn’t have anything else better than your furniture.
That’s why you have to create an environment for your cat.
Create the high spots to sit. Create places to hide. Give her something to scratch and so on.


“But why my cat wants to grab my attention if she has everything?”

Cats Behaviors - Why your cat wants your attention


Is simply because she wants it.
If you give it, she will still doing that certain behavior.
For instance, whatever you scream at your cat or talk gently.. she will be satisfied in both situations !
So next time when your cat does something to grab your attention,
IGNORE THE CAT. Don’t even look at her !
By doing so, your cat will understand that you are not affected by her behavior, and she will stop from doing it.

We know… It was a long mindset…even for a nutshell.

Let’s jump in the actually cat behaviors.

Primordial Cats Behaviors – What makes cats , cats.
Hunting .
Cats love to hunt. For centuries cats were known for being the most lethal predators.
Nowadays, they still hunting by playing with their toys and our furniture.


The hunting includes everything that cats do when they hunt :
  • Hiding in certain spots. – The cat is waiting for the prey to come.

  • Stare at a certain prey, OR object.The cat is looking at the prey’s movements or, the cat is calculating where she should go. When cats have to jump from a surface to another one but at a different height, she has to “calculate” the distance between the two surfaces so she can know how high to jump.
  • Attacking the prey.The cat is having her meal.
Also this category falls the varieties of these behaviors.
It is very important to play with your kitty.
By playing with your cat it creates trust between you and her.
It keeps your kitty healthier.
And she doesn’t have to scratch your furniture anymore!

Cats are very territorial creatures.
Anything, that enters in the cat’s territory, triggers her.
There is the instinct of fight or run.
The cat may try to fight with what is threatening her or run from it.
The fight respond:
Your cat will start fighting with the threat. Whatever will be..
If it is a new face or a new object, your cat will eliminate it. Or at least she tries.
The run respond:
The cat will hide from the threat .She will find refuge in the place that she consider to be save. Often that place is the litter box.

The Relationship Behaviors
The Cat treats humans as she treats another cats.
She can fight with you by scratching you, ignores you, and by doing things that you don’t like. If the cat poop outside the litter box is a sign that your cat doesn’t respect you and she wants to show who is in charge.
The same thing goes for the relation cat – cat.
There might by a bully-cat and a little-cat and you don’t even know!
The bully, bullies the little-cat very very subtle !
For example, the bully might not let the little cat to eat first from her own food bowl !
In the wild, the alpha eats first, the betas eats what remains.
If you are friend with the cat she will do everything she can to protect you.
It is know that cats actually loves humans.


Do you know why cats give you dead mice and little animals?
Is a “thank you for accepting me in your group”.
The cat hunts for you ! As her size allows…
Do you know all that cute things that cats do ?
Like sleeping on your chest, meowing you like she says ” Hello ” ,
caress on the furniture and you.
All these behaviors falls in the category of “The gratitude to be protected” .
The cat feels good in your presence. She wants you to be aware of that .
She knows that you are a protector, and she can relax when you are around.


Also, Cats really love babies !


Tracking your cat’s behaviors


As you probably already learn it, tracking your cat behaviors is overly important!
By knowing your cat behaviors, you know your cat likes and dislikes.
This is very important especially when you want to buy cat toys.
(If you want to know more about how to buy the best toy for your cat, check out our article)
Also, by tracking the behaviors, you know your cat routine.
You know how much time does she usually spends on the litter box, or how much food does she eat.
And when you see a change in the routine, ask yourself…
“What does determined my cat to divert from her daily routine?”
“Does she is sick?”
(If you want to stop your kitty from avoiding the litter box check out this article.)
(If you are wonder why your kitty spends so much time on the litter box, check out this article.)


What does my cat need?

The appropriate nutrition.
Cats nutrition is different than the dogs one. Please read what cats does eat.
A clean, easy to access litter box.
As we mentioned, check out our articles about cat’s behaviors with the litter box
A scratching post
Cats have to scratch. It keep them healthier and cats.
You must provide them with something to scratch. Something better than your furniture.
A scratching post is the most cheapest and healthier option.
Please, read our articles about “why does cat scratch the furniture”
And stop your kitty from torturing your coach today.


Playing with your cat it keeps her healthy and it builds trust.
That’s why we want to teach YOU , how to find the best toys for your cat!
Discover what preferences of toys your cat has !!!
Spots to hide
Hiding is the part of a cat.
As I mentioned in the beginning, cats hide when they hunt.
Also hiding in boxes eliminates the kitty’s anxiety and stress.
Here are the types of boxes any cat loves !

High Spots
If your kitty is an On-Air-Hunter she loves to climb and she must do it.
Your cat should have something to climb on, and to jump from a surface to another.
Like a “Cat tree”.
Also, if your cat loves to sit in the kitchen while you are cooking, let her stay !
Give her a high chair/spot so she can watch.


Did you know that for cats, watching us in the kitchen, is like a human who’s watching on TV?
Be amazed how Jun trained his kitties in the kitchen and outside his house.


And this is it for this article.
The subject is huge. And it could be expended more in depth.
This is just a nutshell.
If you want to discover every single aspect of your cat’s life, behaviors, nutrition and so on , please read on our website.

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