How to stop a cat from scratching on furniture

Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to solve the ancient problem of… “How to stop a cat from scratching on furnitures”



As a cat owner you fell horrible when you see your cat scratching the new coach, you just bought.

In order to stop your cat from doing such thing, you must understand these 3 rules and the reasons why your cat is doing what she’s doing.


  1. The reason why your cat scratch – Do you know what’s the cat problem?
  2. The Relationship between you and the catAre you screaming 24/7 at her?
  3. The environmentDoes your cat have what he need?


RULE NUMBER 1 – The reason why your cat loves to scratch

You must know why your cat scratch. Every creature has a reason for doing a certain activity.



For cats, scratching is a way of communication , between the cat and other creatures

Like humans have their own “personal space” and personal objects , cats have too.

A cat marks her territory in order for others to know who’s in charge there!


Cats also scratch when they are angry on a creature or object 

The cat might get annoyed by something she doesn’t like.

You must understand what are the cat’s like and dislikes.


It keeps them healthy

As predators, a cat must use her claws.

One of the most horrible things people do is declawing their cats.

Here’s a list of 8 reason why you should never ever remove your cat’s claws.


RULE NUMBER 2 – The Relationship between you and the cat

Keep in mind that a cat has a personality too and we have to deal with it !


What Cats think about humans

Cats have an attraction for humans, especially for kids.

They may try to defend their “friends” as they defend their own children.


Here’s a interesting fact that cats developed during thousands of decades.

A cat wants to prove to their owners that she is able to be a “member” of the family.

In order to do that, as a predator, the cat will do what she know the best.

She’ll put all the hunt on your door! It could be mice, rats, small birds, crows,

pigeon even snakes !

That’s a primordial form of saying “thank you for accepting me in your house” !

The most unexplainable thing is that , nobody taught the cats this ! It’s in their nature!


How to improve the relation with your cat ?

You have to show your cat what you like and dislike.

Cats do not understand human’s language – The spoken word.

They do understand certain facial expressions.

Never, ever train your cat by spraying water in her eyes.

She doesn’t understand why she is punished. The only thing she do understand is the fact you want to hurt her.

A great way of improving the relationship and to avoid your couch being scratched, is by playing with your cat ! ( Learn how to find the best cat toys for your kitty )


RULE NUMBER 3 – The environment

A cat must has her “territory trophy”


Your cat needs to scratch. It’s keeping her a cat. You can’t change that.

Buy her a Scratch Post – this is the most cheapest and best thing you can do !

Something “woody” that cats love to scratch and just put it on a corner of your room. That simple !

Base of your cat personality the cat might prefers a certain material..

This is a matter of testing.

Give your kitty something wrinkly and pretty firm.



-Put double tape on your furniture. Cats hate the feeling of getting in touch with tape.

-Cut the cat’s claws.If nothing works and you can’t find that perfect scratching post, this is the last thing to do. And never ever thing about declaw.

Meow us !
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