How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to solve  the ancient problem of… “How to stop your cat from attacking your ankles”


..The poor preys appears… the instinct of the predator boils in her veins…

…a silent of death is in the air… her eyes are looking directly at them…

There’s nothing you can prevent…

THE KITTY is attacking the legs!!!!

 Cat and Tiger Rage

I do believe that this scenario happens to any cat owner at least one time !


“Why does my cat scratch my ankles” and.. “How can I prevent it?”


All starts with the primordial instinct of the cat


Your cat is a feline – An ancient animal that loves to hunt.

You must understand that you are keeping a lethal animal under your roof !

A beast that love to hunt and make fun from the creatures she killed!

But.. in a more “cute” form and way..



Your cat needs to hunt. You can’t change that !

It’s in her mindset.

It’s healthy for her.

It makes the cat, a cat.

Hunting is the part that make us happy and have fun !

When the cat sees your ankles , from her angle it looks exactly like mice !


If your kitty attacks your legs, is a sign that she is bored and she doesn’t have with what to play! – The cat doesn’t have something else to hunt, than your leg!


In order to stop this you must create the appropriate environment for your cat!

There are a lot of toys that cats love to scratch and play with.


You should have big toys that the cat can scratch, like a teddy bear and small toys like little balls. Put the majority of toys around her scratching post and the rest in different places on your house.

Make your house a jungle full of preys.


Also you must have toys that involves you , the human !

This builds up the relationship between you and the cat and it is more energetic than just having simple toys.



The predator loves to attack moving targets.

Use something that have a long string, a long pole and is very colorful !!!

Move it around your cat and around other objects. This will trigger the kitty’s ancient behaviors.

Other thing which works good as well is a simple laser.


Keep in mind the fact that you should change the toys time to time… Your kitty gets bored playing with the same prays over and over again.

Also based of the cat personality you must try different toys and ways of playing. Learn about how to buy the best cat toys.

Here’s a great videos from Cat Daddy :



  • If the cat catched your leg, DO NOT RUN, DO NOT MOVE YOUR LEGS UPWARDS OR BACKWARDS !!! This will make the cat to bite harder ! – Remember: cats love moving targets!
  • Push forwards your cat with your leg. This will make her release the leg.
  • Do not give any attention to the cat ! Do not eve look at her!
  • Just walk away.

Also do not scream or show your disagreement !

This doesn’t work at all.

It’s exactly what the kitty wants ! She wants to grab your attention.

And if she gets it, she will keep scratching your ankles !

What makes the cat to scratch


Territorial behavior

The kitty wants space just for herself.

If the cat doesn’t let you in her space, means that she does not trust you enough. That’s a bad sign. You must build up trust quickly, otherwise the cat will start marking her territory ( meaning your house ) by spraying urine and scratching the furniture.



Another factor could be


If you do cross the cat’s tail often, in time this will be a habit for the cat..

He will try to avoid your leg as much as possible.. And if you put your leg around her, she will start scratching and rage.


And that’s it !

Remember to Love your kitty and to scratch that like button and Meow us to your friends !!!


Meow us !
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