Neutered Male Cat Spraying


Neutered Male Cat Spraying – Discover how to destroy the pain in your cat forever !



You really thought you escaped. Don’t you?

I was sure. I had, neutered my cat. He is healthy, happy and, she just loves me.

But one day, I come home… Imagine…

Tired, my voice shallows… I feel like all my body is just melting down into the floor.  My head is shaking. My eyes scream in pain when I look at the bulb light.

And the only thing that I want, is to fall down on the bed and never wake up to go to job again.

But. A huge, wet, death rotten eggs stain, is on my whole bed !

I know how terrible the neutered male cat spraying is.


Today, I want to help you to stop your cat spraying.

I don’t know who you are. Or your relation with your cat.

But I do know that you have your cat, sitting right to you now, because you love him. And you feel terrible when your loved kitty is in pain and you don’t know why and how to stop it.

I tried to make it simple and easy to understand. So, you can stop the neutered male cat spraying.


Now, maybe you have a hard time at the job right now. You don’t want to read a whole encyclopedia about cat neutered male cat spraying.

Here I tried to put the straight answers into an infographic.

I hope it does make sense:

neutered male cat spraying


How did I make it? If you want to find out, please read on…

Let’s begin our journey with the reason…


neutered male cat spraying


The vet told you… “ Let’s neuter your cat to protect him from diseases and don’t spraying in the house “

But why does neuter male cat still spraying?

Your cat, for the most part, is protected from spraying. If you neuter your male cat, he is less aggressive and less likely to fight with other cats.

Your cat isn’t attracted to lady cats. Still he is cute, lovely and playable as a kitten!


What age do cats start spraying?

When your cat reaches 5-6 months old. He enters the maturity and he is able to spray.

The best time to neuter your cat is when he’s still a kitten.

If your cat wasn’t neutered since childhood, chances are he sprayed at least one time for females. If the spraying behavior occurs multiple times, it becomes a habit. And even if you neuter your male cat, he still have a chance of spraying if he was a severe sprayer for cat females. Does it make sense?


Now, maybe your cat never sprayed before he was neutered. Then, why is a neutered cat spraying ?

Let’s talk about…

neutered male cat spraying

Here’s an amazing fact about your male cat. He doesn’t communicate directly to other cats. Your cat can’t live in groups with other cats like the dogs do. In the small feline world, any male cat is a king.


Imagine this…

You are walking down the street and you see four cats, lying on the grass, happy in the sun.


Why aren’t them fighting each other if anyone is a king? Well, your cat if he wants, he can share his territory with other cats. Usually because there is a food source nearby.


Here’s a video with cats, sharing the same territory and greeting each other:


Now, that your cat looks so solitaire, how does he communicate?

Your cat communicates indirectly, by using signs. Signs like scratches, body language and most of the time, sprayed urine.

Here’s a thing. In the feline world, the main way of communication between cats is the smell. Cats have their smell 7 times stronger than ours !

Any cat odor is different. So their smell of urine too.


Now, what messages that disgusting alien looking sprayed urine can communicate?

Sprayed urine contains secret messages such as:

  • Who is the king of the territory.
  • If he is willing to share the territory with anyone else.
  • And if he does, with who and for what period of time.

Spraying and smelling are the main ways of communication for your cat. Does it making sense?


Now, let’s move back to the neutering subject a little bit…

Your cat is born with this behaviors of communication. Is in the feline’s blood.  It doesn’t come with puberty like the urge for mates does. By neutering your male cat, he is not losing the communication behavior. It will just make your cat less aggressive, uninterested in female cats and less likely to spray. That’s make sense?


What is the main reason for a neutered male cat spraying in house?

Let’s talk about…



neutered male cat spraying

As you know, stress is the number one enemy of everything good.



You are coming home from work. You really want to go outside with your friends at that bar you really love. But still, you are feeling terrible ! You are grumpy and concerned, and disgust about how rude your boss and work collogues are with you. So, you can’t enjoy yourself.


How does stress affect a neutered male cat?

Your cat doesn’t use the spraying behavior, just to communicate with other cats.

Your cat also uses the spraying to reveal accumulated stress. Spaying it makes your cat to feel in charge, in control of the problem.


But what problems does a cat may have?

neutered male cat spraying


Your cat is concerned about anything that enters in his territory. Anything with an unfamiliar smell is an enemy. This includes strange objects, new people, other animals, or even a new fragrance ! Remember: Your cat rely on smell.


If you moved in a new house with your cat, there is a high chance of a neutered male cat spraying.


Is like kidnapping for your cat. He was happy, laying in his bed, when suddenly he was thrown in a bag… Put it on a car that moves him without his permission… And out of nowhere… He is in a new house. An unknown territory !


All these makes your cat crazy ! He needs to relax and to make sure that the new  house is his. That’s why there may be a neutered male cat spraying.

Changes in the environment like renovation, simply moving the furniture or the bowl of food, can make a neutered male cat spraying. And, if it’s not, It will add up in time as stress and anxiety. I hope it makes sense.


Before we jump into “What to do if your cat is marking territory”, please allow me to talk to you about…



neutered male cat spraying

Sometimes is hard to tell the difference between spraying or urinating. There are some cats that urinates by standing up.


Here, I tried to make a short list on what are the differences between spraying and urinating:


  • Usually your cat squats when he urinates.
  • Your cat does the full job, letting all out.
  • He likes to do the job on objects with the same texture, fabric or material.
  • Your cat urinates on horizontal surfaces like: The floor, the top of the desk or on the couch.


  • Your cat stands up when spraying. Rising his tail, exposing his genitals, closing his eyes and his tail may shake.
  • He sprays small amounts of urine.
  • He doesn’t cover the waste, but rather he tries to make it as noticeable as possible.
  • For your cat, the location of spraying is more important than the material.
  • Your cat usually sprays on vertical surfaces like walls, chair’s leg, desk bottom, or bed legs.
  • The sprayed urine smell like death. Worst than regular cat urine.


Now that we know the theory, the communication behaviors and how sprayed urine looks like, let’s see how to stop a neutered cat from spraying…


neutered male cat spraying


One of the main reasons why you have a neutered male cat spraying is because of stress. The stress is the killer of everything good.


Here’s how to keep a cat from spraying: Play with your cat.

When you play with your male cat, you are eliminating anxiety, stress and also you are building up trust between you and your male cat.


Some cats spray because their owners don’t spend enough time with their cats.

Maybe you are a little bit too busy because of your job. And maybe you are a little bit anxious and stressed as well. Studies have shown that by playing with your male cat, can reveal human stress !


It’s  a win-win, both for you and for your cat. Also, it keeps your cat physically and psychically healthy.


neutered male cat spraying

Another option that reduces anxiety and stops neutered male cat spraying are essentials oils for cats and specific herbs. Keep in mind, before using any herb, talk with your vet first. Maybe your cat has an allergy to some of these plants.


Some people use Feliway. Personally, I never tried it. But, people say that the Feliway formula is amazing, and can reveal stress for your neutered male cat.

Feliway is a device. You put in a current source, and it will evaporate little by little of Feliway substance, in a while. It’s worth trying it. Here’s a link on what people thing about it.


They are just terrible. They can reveal stress in your cat for a while, but they are not a long run solution to stop neutered male cat spraying. If your cat takes too much of such chemical drugs, her liver gets poisoned. And in time this will  lead to more terrible diseases and even more anxiety.


How is that possible?

Because of the side affects of drugs. If you want to stop neutered male cat spraying try using less anti-anxiety drugs. That makes sense?


Now, let’s talk a bit about…


neutered male cat spraying

Your cat doesn’t understand the reason why he is punished. Do you remember? In the small feline world, any cat is a king.

If you punish your male cat, he simply understand that you don’t like his presence in your house. Or that you don’t want your male cat to behave in a certain way around you. Your cat may avoid some bad behavior that you don’t like, when you are around him. But in your absence, he has no reasons not to do these bad behaviors.


Things like screaming at your cat, beating your male cat, it just making the neutered male cat spraying even worst. Does it make sense?


This is the worst thing you can do to your male cat. He is build in such that he can’t know fear. And if he does, he will use his male cat spraying to handle the situation. Your cat can’t be trained by using fear. He is not motivated like dogs are. Does it make sense?

Now, that we know how to love our cats, let’s see actually how to stop cat spraying…


neutered male cat spraying

There are a lot of things that make your cat grumpy.

And I know, Getting rid of them can make you grumpy as well.

But, you love your cat and you want to stop the neutered male cat spraying.


I want to help you. Here I tried to put a list of what you can fix today so you cn stop your neutered male cat spraying. Starting with…


Your male cat is a master of hiding his emotions from you. He may be in pain right now without you even know it. Internal bleeding, broken bones or even urinal problems like crystals , all these things, can increase the anxiety in your male cat an lead to a neutered male cat spraying.


Take your cat to the vet and make a X-ray, blood test and an urinal test. This helps you and your vet to find out the medical problem.

If you don’t have a vet yet, please use tool to find one near you today!

Keep in mind that other diseases like arthritis, comes as your cat ages.

neutered male cat spraying

If your male cat is a veteran, the age may come out to tell it. Please, read this article on how to deal with an old neutered male cat spraying.


Another reason of anxiety is…


Any new, unfamiliar smell can trigger your cat’s territorial behavior. The intruders include: New objects, New people and Other animals nearby. Remember: Your cat rely on smell.

Here’s a video about how a cat deals with a cat intruder:


If you live at house, and the neighbor’s dog annoys your cat, try talk to your neighbor. If he is a nice rational person, he will understand you. Maybe, he is willing to let his dog play only on his yard. Or keeping him inside.

If you have neutered male cat spraying in your apartment and your cat is more like an indoors cat, than chances are there is an animal, on the street, that your cat doesn’t like it at all. Try covering the windows if you know when that animal pass the street. And don’t give that animal, any kind of attention. If you do so, this only make your male cat think, that you betray him. Does it make sense?



neutered male cat spraying

Your cat needs a room, just for himself so he can relax.

If you area a person who have a lot of guests, try making a room where you can put your cat so he is not bother by the guest’s noise.

Sometimes, your cat may mark the guest’s goods by spraying. Put the good in a place where your cat can’t reach it.

If you want to introduce a new person in your male cat’s life, do it gentle. Let the cat accommodate with the person’s smell. After a while, your cat will rub his fur to the legs or the hands of your friend. This is a kind of territorial marking as well. But a cute and friendly one. Your cat is putting his smell by rubbing his fur, not by spraying urine.


Now, let’s talk about…


neutered male cat spraying

If you are about to have a baby, CONGRATULATION !


Here’s something amazing about cats: They seams to super attached to the owner’s baby. Some people believe that the cat can actually smell the baby since he’s in the mother’s belly !


Usually, there are no problems between your baby and your male cat.

But what can get a neutered male cat spraying is the chaos in the house. You know… The noise of the baby and the hurry of his mother. Here I put a link an amazing article on how to prepare your cat for the new coming baby.


Now that we have a general idea how to deal with new people, let’s talk about…


neutered male cat spraying

Any move of the furniture, or the food bowls can trigger neutered male cat spraying.

Usually, when you are renovating your cat tends to act weird. He eats less, he looks more anxious, and he is scared.

When you move in a new house with your male cat, there is a high chance of neutered male cat spraying. Your cat was took from his kingdom and put in a wild, undiscovered new territory. The stress rises to the roof !

In this time, you should spend more time with your cat. Try showing him the new house. And yes, you can actually talk to your cat. He may not understand a word, but he understands that you are giving him attention and you are trying to help him.



I know. I’m stressing this out ! But your cat relies on smell.

Some house cleaning products contains ammonia. This is found in the neutered male cat spraying as well. Try avoiding such cleaners. It can make your cat believe that another animals, sometime, had sprayed his territory. Your house.

Also, strong perfumes can trigger your cat and lead to neutered male cat spraying.


Let’s talk about something that you can do right now, so you can stop cat spraying…


neutered male cat spraying

Your cat loves to stay clean. So the environment around him. This includes the litter box. If your male cat litter box is dirty, smelly and covered, this can make your cat angry.


Imagine this…

Is summer, 104°F in the sun. And you entering a public toilet. You know that small, plastic cubes, sometimes putted at the end of the roads in parks…

There is no way you can breath in such toilets… There is no way for the air to go out and in ! And, there is a huge, nasty and disgusting waste, right on the water ! The smell is that terrible, that you want just to faint and close your eyes. But you can’t ! No one wants to die in a public toilet !


This story, happens to your cat as well. Every time he enters in his dirty, covered litter box.

Try opting for the best odor control cat liter you can find. And use, an uncovered litter box.


I know, I know. Is hard finding a new litter after you just got one right.

But is worth trying. Check out this list on best cat litter for odor control and no dust.


Now that you know the basics of how to stop a neutered male cat spraying, let’s talk about how to get rid of cat urine in house. Let’s talk about…


neutered male cat spraying

Here’s something…

When you see your cat spraying, the very first thing that you want to do, is to clean the sting and keep the cat away from the room where he sprayed.


Your male cat tends to spray in the same location several times.

I tried to put a list of options that you can try out, so you can remove neutered male cat spraying stains and odor for good.


How to remove cat urine odor:

  • Use the old classic solution of half water, half apple vinegar to remove the stain. You can put a whole lemon juice as well.
  • Use bicarbonate. Put water just to make a paste and put a layer of it on the top of the stain. Let it there a little bit, and then clean it out. Bicarbonate is amazing. It absorbs and destroys a lot of stains, including enzyme.
  • Try an anti-enzyme cleaner. You can find such things on the pet store.


In my opinion, a great cat odor eliminator is HERO CLEAN. Their formula is amazing. It just works. I use it all the time to clean my house, the floor, walls, floor tiles, glass, they have a product that works on almost anything. Here’s a link, on what other people think about it.


This is on the cleaning chapter.

I know. I didn’t talk bout multi pet house.

In my opinion, this subject disserve its own articles.

Here I tried to put a resume on neutered male cat spraying in multi cat house… I hope it makes sense…


 neutered male cat spraying

If you have more than 9 cats, there is 100% chance of spraying.

Any cat is a king, and he wants to lead. This rise up disputes between cats. Let’s see first, how to…


You know it. Playing with your cat can increase trust. Not only between you and your cats, but also between cats as well. Try playing games that involves multiple cats at a time.

But. If your cats seams to start a dispute only when they saw each other, than don’t involve the two cats in an way. Try keeping the cats far one from each other as possible.


A great way to remove the animal smell in your house and reduce the anxiety between cats is using an air purifier.

RENPHO Air Purifier for Home Large Room in my opinion is just amazing. My aunt have dogs and cats, and his house smell like there are no animals at all.

Also, an air purifier is a great tool for allergic people. It can help you with the pollen problem.

Usually, on an air purifier, you can wash the filters, and in time, you can replace the old ones.

If you live in a multi pet house, having an air purifier is a must.


Another important factor that drastically reduces the anxiety in a multi cat house and stops neutered male cat spraying is having enough beds, food bowls, litters and scratching posts for each of your cat. Everyone of your cat needs its own place.

If you don’t have that much space in your house, at least try having one litter per cat. This will increase the harmony in your cat and will stop a neutered male cat spraying.


You should have only uncovered litter boxes.

This reduces the chances of your neutered male cat being bullied.


I want you to picture this in your mind…

When your poor cat enters that covered litter box, he is vulnerable. He can’t escape from a fight.


This is a perfect time for the bully to attack and beat your cat ! And you can have a neutered male cat spraying in such situation. Both the bully and the victim can spray.

Try using a 360 view litter box, so you can prevent neutered male cat spraying. Does it make sense?

This isn’t only my opinion, check what cat daddy has to say about this:


Now, there are rare cases when you can’t really do anything about it alone…

If your cat was a sprayer for years before being neutered, chances are the cat spraying now is a habit. Habits are hard to break even if you spray your cat…


They are not impossible… Let’s talk about…


neutered male cat spraying

These guys know how to deal with neutered male cat spraying.

They know how to use the touch, the smell and the taste to stop both male and female cat spraying.

A cat behaviorist spends a lot of time, mastering the art of behaviors.

Is not a simple job, so they are a little bit rare.

But. Good news ! You have a chance to find one. You’ve got…


Their specialists are the best. They know what to look for on your cat. They look for any single detail to cure neutered male cat spraying.

But maybe, you don’t like this companies. This is totally fine. You can try any behaviorist specialist with a diploma approved by animal behaviorists society.

A professional session on such specialists may be a little bit expensive, but is worth trying.

If you want to hire a private behaviorist, please check this article from so you can find more.


Now, maybe you are a guy who want to try it on his own…


neutered male cat spraying

Keep in mind. There are a lot of books, and time, and energy involved to master this art of behavior.

But there are vets and specialists who put all their experience in one book so you can easily understand what do to, so you can stop neutered male cat spraying.


One of these programs is STOP CAT SPRAYING. I personally believe that they put effort in this program and they made it clearly.

If you want to know in deep how to stop your neutered male cat spraying, or maybe just to know more about your male cat, I think is work trying.


Keep in mind, before doing anything, talk to your vet first. There is no pain involved in a training your cat. There are no electric pulses devices or anything that harm your cat in any way. If you find a book that says you should train your cat by using pain, throw that book away.



If you made it with me until this point, CONGRATULATION !

You love your cat.

I tried to help you by presenting the general aspects that can trigger neutered male cat spraying.

Now, “Will a cat stop spraying after he’s neutered?” Yes. I believe by neutering your male cat, you drastically reduce the chances of spraying. Also you keep your cat healthy and happy. Also, neutering can work on old cats as well !

neutered male cat spraying

Don’t do like I did with my Puffy. He wasn’t neutered, an he would go outside, leaving for weeks, and coming home beated up. But at least he never sprayed in house. But still, his life was just to dominate other males cats and have ladies cats around him.

If you have neutered your cat, that’s a great point where you can start eliminating cat spraying forever. So, even if you have a neutered male cat spraying, you are on the good path.

I hope what I tried to told you today it touches you, I tried my best.


Before we go, I want to leave you with this question. And please answer in the comments down bellow…

“ What games do you play with your cat? How does he shows you love? “


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Animal Poisoning Emergency Call Number: (888) 426-4435


Dr. Cathy Lund of City Kitty – OPINION ABOUT CAT SPRAYING

Meow us !

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