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Today in our wild wild documentary about felines… we are going to solve the ancient problem of… “What does cat eat”


The wild provides felines with all their needs. From shelter to health recovery.
This includes Nutrition.
The vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and so on.
Most of these nutrients are found not in the meat, but in the organs your cat eats.
Organs like liver and heart.
More of the cat diseases like diarrhea, and low body resistance against infections, exists because of the poor nutrition.
Ask yourself.
Does my cat eat what she supposed to eat?
Does my cat receive all the nutrients she need?
You cannot give your cat any type of cat food you find in the market.
A lot of food-cat company makers are using “fake” meat and a lot of artificial ingredients in their food recipes.
Also a lot of food-cat company actually are not selling cat food. They are selling dog food. And there is a big difference between the cat and the dog nutrition.

You must be aware of what you give your kitty to eat.
Because most of the diseases starts to develop in the stomach.
There is a big community and a great resource about what’s the best for your cat.
Feline-Nutrition.org and CatNutrition.org are probably ones of the best places to learn all you need to know about cat nutrition.

Making Food at home
what does cat eat
Learn about cat Nutrition and make cat food at home.


Making Food at home is probably the best options when it comes about cat nutrition.
You certainly know what you put inside your cat food. You know what type of meat and vitamins you’ve used.
Also Making Food at home saves you a lot of money. Especially if you live in a multi cat house.
Many people doesn’t make their cats food, because they are lazy.
 A lot of people think that buying a random can from the store, (which your cat likes to eat it) is the best thing to do. But it is not.
Preparing food for your cat is pretty easy if you are organized.
It doesn’t take a lot of time. Generally it takes like half an hour, depending of your speed of work and the quantity of food you make.
Also you don’t have to do this every day.
You have to do this just time to time. At 2-4 weeks.
And the storage also is very convenient.
Important: The best type of meat for your cat is chicken.
NEVER give your cat Pork.

How to be organized .
  • Have your ingredients of the recipe in a single place. – So when you are willing to make cat food you don’t have to run around the house finding what you need.
  • Have a great grinder. Obviously, the bests ones are the ones which are easy to clean and to storage.
  • Have a great scale to measure your quantity of meat.
  • Make the cat food in the same day you’ve bought the meat and organs.
  • Put the food in pretty big jars and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Before the kitty-meal, heat the jars with hot water in a sink or a pan.

Cat Nutrition.Org has a great recipe and step by step tutorial with photos. I do believe this website is the best one on the recipe chapter.
If you have any question about cat nutrition, from purchasing the ingredients to what come out of the cat after she ate, please, check Cat-Nutrition.Org FAQs.
Also if you have a cat with a certain disease such as IBD, diabetes or obesity, again, check out their website. – Sick cats have a totally different nutrition than health cats.

Be aware of your cat needs.
We believe that “Cat Nutrition” is a very important topic and deserves a website just for itself. Because out there are already such great sources of information, we sent you there.


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