Why does my cat sleep in the litter box

Today in our kitty-wild-documentary about felines… we are going to answer the most weird question and common fact about cats… “why does my cat sleep in the litter box” ?


Cats … probably the most groomed creature from the planet earth. They spends hours just to clean themselves.

They shower more often than we wash our hands.


The big question is : “Why would they sleep in their own toilets?”


In order to answer this question you have to understand some concepts about cats.


Cats Mark their territory in two ways: Scratching and Peeing

AND The Litter box is the single place in a human house where a cat is allowed to urinate.

The litter box is the single thing that actually is owned by the cat.

It is more “private” even than the scratching post…

In a cat mind, the litter box is the “Safe Zone”.

Because it’s smell exactly like her !


Now, because you discovered the primordial relationship between cats and their toilets, let’s jump into the weird and unpleasant reasons why cats spend too much time in their litter.


#1: The stress factor and the “SAFE ZONE” 

This is the most common thing that happen.

Cats are very territorial creatures.

Based on that, they don’t like when something enters in their “Area”. – “The Area” being your house.

The cat has two option: Fight or Run


Anything that disturbs or enters in “The Area” it’ll trigger your cat.

If you have guest, and they comes with their noisy children, there are two things your cat can do :


A: If the cat got balls , she’ll face the music . She will use all the powers that she has to combat his enemies – the kids. Rage, Scratch, Jump, even Karate-Cat.

This is the “Fight Respond”.


B: She will run hiding in the toilet – “The Safe Zone”

This is the “Run Respond”

Your cat wants to run from what threats her.


This applies for any changes in the environment.

Even a thunder can scare your kitty and make her hides in the litter box.


This always happen when you move your cat in a new environment.

The concept of hiding is a something natural. You can’t change that. But you can change the “AREA” (in a good way) so your kitty will stop hiding in the litter box.




It could be a hole in a desk, under the bed, even a cardboard box !

In this way, if the kitty will see the danger, she will look for shelter nearby and if she finds it, he will hide.



1.You should have 2 boxes per cat.

Having multiple litter boxes is crucial in having a great relation between the cats.

Why’s that ?

As you already know that cats mark their territory using their urine. And if a cat goes to a litter that was used by another cat, may end up bad and create disputed between cats…



If you DO HAVE A BULLY IN YOUR CAT FAMILY – What means don’t have a box at all. – A pan with litter sand is a better option.


#2: Pregnancy

Whaaa? More cute kitties ? What can be even better than that !!

If your Cat spends a lot of time with she’s litter box, that’s a sign that she’s going to be mother !

The cat knows the litter box as the “Safe Zone”. She wants to create an appropriate environment for the little kitties !



You DO NOT WANT YOUR CAT TO GIVE BIRTH in a litter box! The kitties may get sick and eventually die !


Make a special box for birth and put it nearby the litter !

Make sure that the box has food and clean towels !!!

By the way, here’s a video of a cat giving birth .. You must see the beauty !


#3: Illness

This is the worst thing that can happen !

Before I jump into this I want to talk about tracking your cat behaviors.


As a cat owner you know your cat’s likes and dislikes.

  • You know that big fat Cat from outsides, and the second he appears on the street, your cat instantly went to the window to “socialize” with him.
  • You know that expensive food that your cat loves to eat.
  • And you know her favorite toys and types of clothes she love to scratch.

This is Your Health Cat.


If the kitty starts spending a lot of time with her litter box and she stops doing what she loves, this is a sign of illness.

The most common problems your kitty may have is URINAL PROBLEMS…

You must tell the vet what you observe and ACT QUICKLY !

It is known that a male’s urine can get crystallize and eventually block the hole system !

With the urinal system blocked, the cat might die in less than 2 days!



I’m sorry to scare you, but you should make yours cat urinal tests regularly.

Take some balls of litter soaked with urine and bring them to the vet.

Urinal problems are the #1 sing that there is a illness in the cat.

Meow us !
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